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The Magi - Kevin M. Turner Sometimes I debate between 4 and 5 stars, wondering if the book really is a 5-star. But there was No question when It came time to rating The Magi. I would give it a hundred stars if I could! It's completely magical, brilliantly clever and absolutely wonderful!When Elijah Hawk learns about The Magi, and that he's one of them, his life takes an abrupt turn and he's thrown into an adventure he will not soon forget. Elijah is a incredible protagonist with a strong voice and admirable personality. He is determined, intelligent and profoundly realistic. Every time I started reading, he took me in his world and made me forget anything else existed. I felt like I was standing there with him. His fears, his grief, his joy - his emotions were all so real they were palpable. Accompanying Elijah, there are a number of supporting characters that are just as remarkable. There are friends, teachers, mentors, townsfolk. Every one of them are a great addition and complete the world that is created in The Magi.Along with these fantastic characters, the world building in The Magi is equally exceptional. The first half of the book is dedicated to creating this magical world that I could not stop but admire. I could picture it all in my head as clearly as if I was standing in it. I'm going to say this book is comparable to Harry Potter, not because the story is similar, but because I got the same thrill and magical feeling from reading this as I did when I was introduced to Hogwarts. The magic in The Magi is created using the 4 elements which is fascinating, really. The adventure we're taken into is fast moving and exciting, and I could not help but read and read until it was all, sadly, over. Fortunately, this is a planned 5-book series that I doubt will even be enough to satisfy my need for more!Harry Potter fans - I have no doubt you will LOVE this series. It's complete with magic, adventure, mystery, friendship - really, everything! Any adult and children alike will undoubtedly adore it!