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Revelation - Kate Brian The 8th book of the series, we find Reed suddenly an outcast and a loner, when just a couple of weeks ago she was the queen bee. I found the book to be the most emotional one of the series. It was sad in a lot of aspects and I really felt bad for Reed, and even nervous for her at times. Although sad, it gets your emotions all racked up so you really get into the book. I finished it in one day. So it wasn't my favorite story-wise, but it was the most engaging. I just wanted Reed to be back at Billings and get her life back. Even if those girls are one dimensional and self absorbed at times, they still rock!The plot, well, it wasn't hard to figure out, though I still never was 100% sure. A lot of loose ends were tied up, but more questions also arose, and hopefully Reed's life will get back on track and she will get Josh back (though now I kind of like Ivy so I may feel a bit bad for her). The ending was a cliffhanger like expected. But the next book is on my bookshelf so it's ok.