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Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road - If Jellicoe Road is one thing, confusing is what it is. At least at first. The story is about Taylor Markham, a high school student who was abandoned by her mother at the 7-Eleven when she was 7. From my understanding, it won the Printz Award. There are 2 story lines in this book that alternate, past and present. They come together to reveal the mystery behind Taylor's identity and family history. The way Melina wrote the story was very confusing for the first half of the book. She jumps right in without explanation and you get so much thrown at you that it's hard to process it all. I've read and enjoyed books written like this before, but this one took a bit too long to get some answers and by then I had forgotten a few details. Everything does come together at the end though.The plot itself is very emotional and dense with a touch of mystery added. Though I didn't really care for the "war games" going on at the school. It was poorly explained and I found it was pointless as it was in the story but nothing was really done with it. Like an after-thought. The characters were well constructed. I enjoyed their simplicity.While I can't say that I was awed by this novel, I did find the story very touching. Apart from the confusion, I really like Melina's writing style and will be seeking her other books.