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Jane Eyre (Movie Tie-in Edition)

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë This is such a well loved book, I know a lot of people Love this stuff, but I just didn't get it.At first I had a difficult time with the language. I don't read old classics very often so I'm not used to the old languages used in them. I did get used to it about a quarter through though. And once I did, I found it made everything sound so elegant and romantic. The story itself was really up and down for me. I kept going from bored to intrigued. At the beginning I found it very drawn out, then the part with Mr. Rochester and the bit of mystery was interesting. The emotions were also very real. That I can't deny. Once Jane left, It got boring again. I didn't quite care for St John. He was a bit rude and selfish: "If you deny to mary me, it is not but me you deny, it is God". Are you serious? And she was his cousin! Wtf? Then the ending was ok but by then I was a bit eager to be finished with the book.The main character, Jane, was likeable. I wasn't really able to connect with her though. I didn't understand her motivations in the decisions that she made. I didn't even really get why she fell in love with Mr. Rochester, and he with her. Though, not a bad book, it was not really my style.