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Paradise Lost (Private)

Paradise Lost - Kate Brian Why always the cliffhanger ending? Why?? :)This was different from the rest as it doesn't happen at Easton, but at St. Barths with Noelle and a few others over Christmas break. It wasn't as good as the previous books in my opinion. It had a slow start and I didn't like how Reed was treated by a lot of the girls and especially Mrs Ryan. What's up her butt anyways? I also found that no loose ends were tied. There was the blur/stalker, the weird Ryan family, Poppy's disappearance, nothing was solved. I know loose ends will be tied in the next book though so I'm not too disappointed. Oh well, good old Noelle was in it and as long as she is, I'm happy. It wasn't the best, but I still liked it. Poor Reed though, my goodness. She has to be the unluckiest person ever to walk the earth. Girl's going to have some major mental health issues! And her friends wonder why she's so paranoid!?