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Falling From Grace

Falling From Grace  - S.L. Naeole I started this book and saw all the great reviews so I figured it would be, well, great, but I found myself very bored. I was about 50% in when I started getting bored and waiting for something, anything, to happen. at about 70% with still nothing, I started speed reading just to get it done with. when I had about 90 pages left I just put it away. The story had great potential, and (I asked a friend what happened at the very end) if the last 90 pages had happened much much sooner it may have kept my interest.I felt like Grace and Robert's relationship was odd. I never quite understood why he was so drawn to her. Ok she was different, so? He bumps into her and falls in love? That was it, no build-up, no anticipation. The relationship also lacked chemistry and I often felt confused about why Robert would act a certain way (he'd get pissed about something unknown to the reader and just leave). The story also lacked mystery. We found out right away what he was, what powers he had, what their stories were, I wasn't drawn to keep reading to find out anything. But then you have a bunch of unnecessary descriptions that had nothing to do with the story and just made me feel like I just read a few pages of nothing. The characters were not really described well or had any depth. I wasn't able to put myself in Grace's shoes or feel what she was feeling. So that was a disappointment. I found it a bit unrealistic that the school freak would be the best friend of the most popular guy in school. I was waiting to find out why Stacy was all of a sudden Grace's best friend - no explanation. Then we have Lark that's described as being very beautiful, but when I pictured her she always had these creepy white blind eyes - ick! Another thing that I just have to point out and that made me knock a star out, is the amount of errors (typos, missing words etc) that I found in the book. There was one every 3-4 pages. It annoyed me. I know some people liked this book so you can always give it a chance and form your own opinion.