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Breaking Point - As I got back into the desolation that is is Ember's world, it didn't take long until the rush of it all came right back. The first book, Article 5, was a lot of fun with tons of action and wonderful characters, leaving me dying for this one. The sequel begins where Article 5 one left off, with short recaps along the way for those of you, like me, who forget everything they've read previously. I often have difficulty getting into a sequel because don't remember the story, nor my connection to the characters, but Kristen has a great way of bringing it all back as if no time had passed. In Article 5 she created a world that was extremely dreary, yet believable for a futuristic setting; in Breaking Point, we get to see even more of that world. We're brought into conspiracies and meet rebels who are trying, like everyone else, to survive and get justice in this cruel controlled environment they've been forced to endure. And in this world, we have Ember and Chase who are on the run after faking their death. These character, who I already greatly enjoyed in the first book, go through even more development and growth in this sequel, both individually and together as a couple. Ember becomes even stronger after having to live through so much loss and pain, rediscovering who she is. Her courage and will make her a great protagonist for this story. However, I found the side characters to be the ones who really stood out for me this time. Their personalities and charisma shine through, and they're all dealing with their own personal issues which add in interesting, sometimes mysterious, subplots. The plot does not cease either, there is action in this novel from beginning to end. We cover a lot of ground, discovering more of the workings of this world along the way. When the adrenaline finally breaks, we get to enjoy the sweet romance that mists this series. There is less of it in this sequel than its predecessor, though I never once thought there wasn't enough. I appreciate the fact that they have a believable relationships that doesn't need to be overly dramatic or mushy. It's there, it exists no doubt and it's completely real, but it doesn't become the essence of the story. I also commend Kristen for not daring to introduce a love triangle when it's clearly not needed.A sequel with minimal middle book vibe is always a satisfying read. Breaking Point does just that, progressing the story to a point that is sure to bring us into an exciting finale in book 3!--An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads