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City of Bones: Mortal Instruments, Book 1

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare This was a reread for me. I had only gotten as far as the 2nd book and it's been so long that I've forgotten too much to continue the series.I first read this series because I was under the impression that people who were fans of HP would love this series. So I automatically was very intrigued by it.In general I really enjoyed it - it wasn't laugh out loud funny, but the dialogue usually made me smile. The world has a nice dark edge to it, while still being definitely a teen book. I was lost in the story within a couple of chapters; I enjoy fast paced books that don't leave you waiting to find out where the plot is hiding or when something is going to happen. There's one plot point (which I won't mention to not give away spoilers) that I found a bit weird. I sort of guessed it mid-book but kept hoping the author wouldn't go that route. I was told though that it all turns out ok so I'll let it slide.Since it was the second time reading the book, I didn't get taken back by the twists in the story, and I don't remember if they caught me off guard the first time so I can't say how predictable they are. But from a re-read, it was interesting to see the subtle hints at the beginning of the book. Very small and particular details that maybe a first reader wouldn't have thought anything of.I really liked Clare's writing style; She has a more mature way of writing than some YA authors. Her descriptions and dialogues are rich, elegant. She gives us a lot of action and a fast pace that lures you into the story, which is not just full of fluff, but has depth and real emotions. It's refreshing. The characters are also great, three dimensional and easily likeable. The main character is what you expect from a YA novel: We've got this trend of female protagonists who are apparently brave and smart, but who don't actually do anything but scream and get saved by men! She was also just a bit dumb for some of her reactions and for not figuring out Simon was in love with her. I knew it on page 2! My 12 month old son knew it!! I still liked her nonetheless. She has potential to eventually kick butt on her own in the near future.