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Airel - Aaron Patterson, Chris  White Airel, with its beautiful cover and promising synopsis had me swooning over it. It sounds original, mysterious and full of action. This is all, in actuality, what we get. The angel lore is unique. I especially enjoyed how it's told in dual, past and present, point-of-views. These become two very different, interesting plot lines that merge together for an exciting spin. My main problem, and what made this fall flat for me, were the characters.Airel leads a normal, average life when she meets Michael. She immediately falls head over heels for him. I felt their relationship was very artificial with no chemistry behind it which is almost always the case when it's so instant; I never got a chance to feel the passion take hold. I also had difficulty connecting with Airel. She has a nice personality, but nothing stands out; she's just very average. I could not comprehend some of the decisions she made either, that, to me, seemed nonsensical. When you see someone get murdered and the killer has seen you, stay with the crowd, don't go hide in a bathroom stall alone! As for Michael, he's a good character but I can't say I have a clear picture of him in my head. I feel like I didn't get to know him all that well. These characters are a part of one of the two storylines. The second storyline, happening in the past, has much more interesting personalities. Which is funny because I'm not usually into the mighty warrior stories. However, this one is exciting with a fast pace and good action scenes. I did feel a bit confused past the halfway point where the battles and twists started to all mix together, but I was still able to keep up for the most part.What I do have to applaud is the way both considerably different storylines are weaved together so flawlessly. The jumps from past to present are never confusing. Additionally, the pacing is made so that you always want to go back to the perspective you were just pulled out of, but equally happy to stay and finally see what's happening in this one. Although the story can feel a bit drawn out at times, this dual perspective definitely helps keep you entertained. As for the plot twists, I can't say they took me by surprise, but there are still a few that I hadn't completely figured out. Overall it's not a bad novel, If it wasn't for my non connection with the characters I probably would have enjoyed this much more. It seems to be the type that people either love, or just don't.--For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads