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Reading is my drug. I love to get lost in a great book to escape into worlds that are usually much cooler than mine! >.<

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Legacy - Kate Brian This series is my guilty pleasure. It's Gilmore Girls meets Gossip Girl. It has plenty of drama, mystery and the occasional murder. I love how there is a twist or a "big bang" at the end of every book that keeps you wanting more, without being left hanging. I also like how the author give you little details that you never think twice about, but it ends up being a huge deal at the end. The main character is lovable, realistic, and sometimes makes stupid decisions that you just want to scream at her for, but that's part of what makes her believable. And even after the 6th book I haven't grown tired of her. The 6th book of the series was not as dramatic as the others, but it was still a good continuance. It was interesting to find Reed in the presidency and see her character evolve, in good as well as in bad ways. She becomes much more "Billings material" but still has some Reed moments. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't get more into the ghost of Cheyenne story and what that was all about, but I'm guessing that is to come.