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Specials (Uglies Trilogy)

Specials  - Scott Westerfeld The third book of the Uglies trilogy, Specials, was a very satisfying and action packed finale. (I am aware there is a 4th book but since it was an unplanned addition with different characters I still count this as a finale.)In Specials, you guessed it, Tally is turned Special. Basically superhuman. We got to see her yet again in a different role. It was interesting to see how Tally has changed throughout the trilogy. I didn't like that they played with her mind (again) and that she wasn't "bubbly" Tally anymore, but I did enjoy her superhuman nature and how powerful she was in this one. Her suit and internal software were really cool concepts! The story itself is fast paced, with a lot of action scenes that were well written and very visual. There's not much more I can say at this point. We get thrown in a new adventure and face new catastrophes. I think the ending was satisfactory and appropriate. Not perfect or fairytale, but realistic.Overall, I was really impressed with the series and enjoyed every aspect of the story. I really admire Westerfield's writing style. He can create a world that is unique and characters that are believable.