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Suspicion (Private)

Suspicion - Kate Brian This was probably my favourite of the series. The 10th book in the Private series starts right where Paradise Lost ended.This one is much darker than the others. We see Reed fighting for her life, more than once. The plot was very exciting and I never guessed who the kidnappers were. Though I had an idea who hired them. It was a definite page turner for sure and really got into a human's will to live. Kate did a good job at making it believable - what Reed went through. Though she's going to have to be careful how she writes the next few books to make them plausible: A person can't go through something like this and come out unharmed without a few mental instabilities. If Reed goes back to her old self without repercussions, I'll be a bit disappointed in her writing techniques. I know this is a light read but I still like it to be somewhat tangible. She has been great so far though so I have faith.